VA Beach Chapter: The Virginia Beach Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation creatively combined a beach clean up, a bar crawl, and some Halloween fun for their 3rd Annual Butts, Brews, and The Undead event, part of their Rise Against Plastics campaign. This was a creative spin on the standard beach clean up, took advantage of a major holiday, and provided a fun event for Chapter members!

DE Chapter: The Delaware Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation decided to start their very own surf contest this year! The Diamond State Surf Classic got some great media attention and had a solid turnout. Events like this can be a great way to raise your Chapter’s profile in your community as well as attract new volunteers and members.

SJ Chapter: The  South Jersey Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation held a successful and fun winter holiday party in December, signing up a bunch of new members! They partnered with local businesses to ensure a strong turnout and a fun event with donated prizes. The trick to these kinds of events is to not only make them appealing, but to use that appeal to get people to become members in order to attend the event. Great work SJ!