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December 17, 2015

Chapter Highlights: Fall 2015

DE: The Delaware Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation continues their fight against offshore drilling and seismic testing by helping to pass local government (e.g. city council, town board) resolutions against these activities. The resolutions do not themselves prohibit offshore oil drilling or seismic testing, but mark an official statement by elected officials that they are against such activities. The Chapter has smartly teamed up with other environmental groups and has played a part in several resolutions passing!

Dewey Beach, DE. Commissioners take a stand against Big Oil.

Dewey Beach, DE. Commissioners take a stand against offshore oil and gas drilling.

ELI: Did you know that Surfrider staff can help you create an online petition or automated emails to your elected officials? This can be a great way to increase pressure on officials to act and demonstrate that you have the community behind you. The Eastern Long Island Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation continues to fight a badly conceived beach engineering project in Montauk, NY. They created a petition that you can sign yourself, here.

CLI: Trying to increase your membership? The Central Long Island Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation organized a fun holiday party for “Surfrider Members Only” that included food, drinks, surf films, and a celebration of the great work done by Surfrider CLI volunteers in 2015. Of course, anyone could sign up to be a member at the door to partake in the event. By creating a fun event they were able to celebrate their victories while also strengthening their Chapter with new members.

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