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October 23, 2014

Regional Planning Body Announces Public Meetings

The Mid-Atlantic Regional Planning Body (RPB) will hold public meetings and a webinar in Fall 2014 to give the public an opportunity to comment on a variety of draft materials that the RPB developed this summer.

All members of the public and stakeholders are invited to participate in the webinar and public listening sessions to comment on a series of draft materials developed by the RPB, and to provide general input on regional ocean planning. The draft materials will be posted on the RPB website October 24th.

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August 16, 2014

Chapter Highlights: Summer 2014

NYC: Combining a Bag Monster costume with simple printed signs, the NYC Chapter created some powerful images that can be used in many ways to communicate with members of the public and elected officials.  The Chapter is using the photos as part of its campaign to add a ten cent fee for single use plastic bags in NYC. Read more here!Aquarium_Bag_Monster_1

VA: The Virginia Beach Chapter recently partnered with Whole foods as well as a local brewery for some fun events. Whole Foods gave a five-cent donation to the Chapter for every person that used a reusable bag during a specific timeframe, raising $947. The Chapter also partnered with Smartmouth Brewery to host a movie night and fundraiser. Good examples of partnering with local businesses!

NJ: The Jersey Shore Chapter held a Volunteer Training at the beginning of summer to help volunteers gain new skills, experience, and confidence communicating with the public about Surfrider issues. Often new volunteers feel nervous about speaking for the Chapter, a training is a great way to ease people into Chapter activities!

May 22, 2014

Mid-Atlantic RPB Meeting

The Mid-Atlantic Regional Planning Body met this week near Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore on May 20th and 21st. The main goal for the meeting was to finalize the RPB’s Regional Ocean Planning Framework (Framework). The agenda for the meeting can be seen here.

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April 11, 2014

Offshore Wind Update, Spring 2014

Offshore Wind at the Federal Level and in Your State

Keeping up with offshore wind power developments is a full-time job. We summarized the latest happenings from each state in the Mid-Atlantic and provide links to tons of great additional information. We also put together a summary of how the federal government manages offshore wind power. Another great resource for understanding offshore wind is MARCO’s Guide to State Management of Offshore Wind Energy.

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April 11, 2014

Last Chance for Public Comments on RPB Founding Document

You may have heard about a new coastal and ocean management body forming in the Mid-Atlantic called the RPB, or Regional Planning Body. The name itself doesn’t tell you much, but this new entity is worth understanding as their mission is revolutionary when it comes to what happens to our beloved beaches and oceans!

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April 10, 2014

Chapter Highlights: Spring 2014

DC: The DC Chapter launched a campaign to ban expanded polystyrene foam, (aka Styrofoam) in our nation’s capitol, and tagging photos on Instagram is part of their game plan. By using a WordPress Plugin on their website, all photos tagged with #banthefoamdc will appear on the Chapter’s website. It also works through the Chapter’s Twitter account.  See the tagged photos here. Great use of technology!


DE: The Delaware Chapter recently increased its exposure in the local media by releasing a report on the state of surfing in Delaware as well as organizing a press conference to draw attention to a proposed ocean outfall off Rehoboth Beach, DE. Both events garnered solid press coverage, shining the media’s light on two major issues in the state. Consider doing something similar in your area to get more attention on an issue your local Chapter is working on!

NY: The New York City Chapter joined forces with other groups to continue to push for a fee on plastic bags sold in NYC. They started a website specifically for the cause, turned people out for a press event, and created an Action Alert to get their members to contact elected officials about the issue. Great work!


March 4, 2014

Public Meetings About YOUR Beach!

Do you care about our coasts and oceans and the communities that depend on them? Do you want ocean wildlife to be protected? Do you want clean water and shores to fish, dive, surf, kayak, and swim?

If so, show up to the various public meetings going on in the Mid-Atlantic over the next couple of months, hosted by the newly formed Mid-Atlantic Regional Planning Body (RPB).  Let your voice be heard!

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December 9, 2013

Beach Fill Effects on Sand Critters

Most surfers have seen beach fill projects on their section of the coast, with differing outcomes for local surf breaks. But what about the critters that live in the beach sand and get buried? A new study in Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science by Viola, S.M., et al. seeks to answer at least a part of that question.

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December 9, 2013

Chapter Highlights, December, 2013

VA: The Virginia Beach Chapter partnered with local surf shop Wave Riding Vehicles on November 16th and signed up 21 new members in one morning! They convinced the shop to give 15% off to anyone that became a Surfrider Member, a powerful incentive. They also threw in a drink koozie and a Beach in a Bag, and promoted the event through MailChimp and their website. Check out some pictures on Facebook.

NJ: The South Jersey Chapter partnered with Anchor Arts Studio to increase their membership. For $45, participants were instructed in how to paint an original work plus got a Surfrider membership and some other goodies. An inventive way to attract new members and reach out to the community.

NJ: The Jersey Shore Chapter created a website to counter the strong urge to rebuild—in exactly the same manner—coastal infrastructure after Superstorm Sandy. The website, called Re-Think the Coast, promotes new and alternative ways of keeping coastal communities safe. If your current or future campaigns involve beachfill, shoreline armoring, or stopping unwise coastal development, this could be a resource for you and your members.

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September 11, 2013

LNG Facilities Proposed in New York, New Jersey, and Virginia

This summer Surfrider chapters in New York and New Jersey jumped into action to fight a proposed LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) Deepwater Port (known as “Port Ambrose”) proposed 17 miles southeast of Jones Beach, New York and 24 miles east of Long Branch, New Jersey. Representatives from local chapters showed up and spoke at hearings held on July 9 and 10, 2013, in Long Beach, NY, and Edison, NJ. For more details check out this document.

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