We survived 2020! Huge thanks to our Mid-Atlantic chapters and clubs, who made major adjustments to keep operating during a pandemic. It was not easy, but now everyone is a zoom expert, and hopefully extra excited for what we can achieve in 2021! We tallied 10 official victories in 2020, less than our 20 last year, but amazing work considering the circumstances.

Your efforts led to: a comprehensive plastics bill passing in New Jersey, the first bag bill and a ban on offshore drilling passing in Virginia, stopping the Williams pipeline for good, a ban on EPS foam food containers in New York, an amazing waste reduction bill passing in DC, finally stopping the threat of seismic testing in the region, and a few more! Check out the whole list here.

We sent a large delegation to our now annual Hill Day in DC, completing over 40 meetings with the staff of our Mid-Atlantic elected officials. We conveyed our grassroots messages on offshore oil, plastics, water quality, and climate change. 

Our Mid-Atlantic chapters and clubs also completed over 60 beach clean ups this year, despite a ban on clean ups in effect for most of the year (You can still add old data if you forgot to put it into the system!). 

We are hoping for some big wins in 2021, and hopefully an end to all restrictions on Surfrider activities as the pandemic winds down (all fingers are crossed!) In 2021, we will be pushing for, among other bills, statewide bag and plastics on request bills in MD, balloon release and EPS foam bills in VA, and trying to stop an LNG facility on the Delaware River, a campaign that multiple chapters have worked on, but led by South Jersey.

So bask in the glory of some huge wins in 2020 (while also forgetting the misery!), and take some time to refuel for 2021—see you there!