Another amazing year of wins and work for our ocean and coasts in the Mid-Atlantic comes to an end. We couldn’t have done it without our incredible volunteers working throughout the five states and DC. We tallied 20 official victories in 2019, including banning EPS foam (Styrofoam) statewide in Maryland, banning offshore drilling in New York waters, and finally instituting ban/fee hybrid plastic bag legislation in NYC. Check out the whole list for other amazing wins on balloons, bags, straws, public access, and pipelines.Our nine chapters in the region also completed over 80! beach clean ups this year. (You can still add old data if you forgot to put it into the system!). Another one of our programs, Ocean Friendly Restaurants, expanded to over 70 restaurants in 2019, including expanding that program to NYC.We are hoping for some big wins in 2020, including hopefully ending for good our four-year fight against the Williams pipeline in NY and NJ, which we partially defeated this year. In 2020, we will be pushing for a statewide bag bill in MD, a balloon release bill in VA, and a bunch of plastic bills in NY.

So bask in the glory of some huge wins in 2019, and take some time to refuel for 2020—see you there!